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らずぴどん@まめもおんらいん Mastodon hosted on

複数台のRaspberry Piを中心に動かしています。
Name Memory CPU Clock(Max) Arch Apps
Raspberry Pi 3 B 1GB Broadcom BCM2837 1.2GHz arm7l puma, streaming, sidekiq
Raspberry Pi 2 B 1GB Broadcom BCM2836 1GHz arm7l puma, streaming, sidekiq
Raspberry Pi 1 B+ 512MB Broadcom BCM2835 1GHz arm6l pleroma
OpenBlocks AX-3 1GB Marvell ARMADA XP MV78260 1.33GHz arm7l nginx, iptables, nfs-server, postfix
autossh(mail), redis, postgresql

Home to 25 users
Who authored 40,837 statuses

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